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Consequences of a Cocaine Conviction

If you have been rounded up for cocaine possession, trafficking or some other drug crime pertaining to this object, you may be in danger of dealing with serious criminal punishments if you are declared guilty. Cocaine is punishable by harsh sentences and mandatory minimum penalties under state or federal law.

Even little volumes of cocaine can lead to possession penalties. A standard possession charge is considered a class 5 felony charge and carries 18 months in prison as well as applicable fines and other penalties.

Cocaine Penalty

The criminal penalties for being discovered with even tiny amounts of crack or cocaine in Arizona are very strong and really often own personal usage can be misconstrued as a possession for the sale of cocaine according to the fashion by which the case was investigated. “Intent to distribute” can come into play with majority an ounce of crack or cocaine, primarily greater than one ounce, which can land a suspect in jail for a long period of time.

Cocaine Defense Lawyer

In between jail period, state prison and a forgiving treatment program, how the case is managed identifies the potential choices you may have. As presented, a cocaine investigation is inherently a complex one by nature, as particular law enforcement agencies put forth very aggressive maneuvers and extreme penalties to make sure there is no “upsurge” of drugs in their local communities. Having knowledge of these trends can really help the drug attorney on the case scrutinize the pros and cons of the realities available. Understanding ways to maximize them is what makes all the big difference.