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Drug Distribution

“Distribution” of a dangerous drug is pretty clear. Basically, to be charged and accused, the authorities needs to have probable cause to believe that you actually were associated with a person to person transaction of a controlled substance. The amount of the drug is a lower component of the criminal offense, it could be well as low as a gram.

In the U.S., drug circulation laws focus on increasing punishments on those found responsible of distributing, selling, and/or illegally transporting illegal substances. The penalty for prevalent misdemeanor drug charges pales in comparison to these criminal offenses, which relate to both a state and federal level. If you are apprehended for distribution, given the growth in the focus on cracking down on drug-related crimes, the hostility you go up against will be overly fierce in their search of the toughest sentence they can secure for you.

Drug Distribution Penalties

That prospective severity of the consequences with which you are charged may intensify even more depending upon the instances involving the event; variables like possession or delivery, or regardless if you assisted in its manufacturing of the drug. The difficulty for your case only raises if there is an accusation of having the intent to make or deliver in a drug-free zone, which can bring up charges considerably. Not to mention the supposed possession of a firearm or weapon.

Possession with intent to distribute, for instance, becomes a little more fact-specific, and the district attorney typically turns to circumstantial evidence to prove this charge. Once more, the amount of the substance is not an element of this criminal offense. You could be in possession of only a gram or two. Other proof that is commonly correlated with drug distribution can be used to prove your intent, such as common household items like baggies, scales, and large amounts of money.

Drug Distribution Defense

There is the possibility for drug charges to be dismissed. Typical defenses to drug distribution/delivery/possession with the intent to deliver/manufacturing charges include: problems to the legality of the search which lead to the detection of the controlled substances (including challenges to search warrants); challenges to police error to follow the necessary methods of drug delivery operations; to name a few possible defenses; the proof that the materials caught were really yours.

Drug Distribution Lawyer in Arizona

Whatever area you stay in, drug distribution is a very serious crime. If you or a loved one are presently facing punishment for a charge of drug distribution, it is most certainly critical that you get the help of a qualified attorney immediately.