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Manufacturing Crimes in Arizona

Manufacturing crimes in Arizona, with methamphetamines on the rise in the heart of Arizona, are bountiful. A rather complicated term, “manufacturing” is known as the production, preparation, propagation, compounding, cultivation, growing, conversion, or processing of a controlled substance. All these substances are indeed exacted naturally, or by chemical synthesis, or by a mixture of both of these. Manufacturing charges often times arise when law enforcement receives information that someone is manufacturing or growing an illegal drug in a residential property or home. Police then takes comprehensive measures before a bust, doing background investigations on the criminal history of the residence or property to see if there is a past history of drug charges, setting up surveillance, and check electric bills and junk containers for drug paraphernalia. If police believes that there is probable cause for a warrant, a search warrant is furnished and presented to a judge.

Punishments for Drug Manufacturing Crimes In Arizona

A drug manufacturing crime in Arizona is really severe where you can face harsher penalties compared to a possession charge. For a conviction of a first offense for manufacturing meth, expect a prison sentence of 15 years.

Manufacturing charges are intensified to the next stage, felony charges, under certain circumstances such as proximity to schools, churches, public housing, infant care centers, parks, community offices, universities and even adult assisted living centers. Moreover, there are added charges that are often filed in these situations if the property used was owned, leased, rented, or possessed for manufacturing (or cultivating) an illegal drug. These charges not only apply to a person who was renting a house for manufacturing, but also to the owner of the residential property that knowingly rented it to a person for manufacturing an illegal drug.

Manufacturing Crimes In Arizona Defense

Drug manufacturing for certain drugs such as methamphetamine and marijuana has turned into something similar to an outbreak in Arizona, and accordingly, law enforcement has upped their operation to handle it. They are so aggressive that, in some instances, they don’t follow their own legal procedures in search and seizure or in the act of arrests. An expert drug crime attorney can help identify whether the police officer went against your rights, then insist that the proof be deemed inadmissible and the charges dropped completely or reduced once evidence has been established.

To become convicted of manufacturing (or intending to manufacture) illicit drugs, district attorneys must essentially prove the elements of both possession and an intent to manufacture. A permit or license to own particular items otherwise used to make illegal drugs may be a defense. For example, pharmacists have access to a wide array of substances that may be used to manufacture illicit drugs. Certain chemicals and industrial supplies normally utilized to make illegal drugs may also have legitimate uses that would require a permit.

Manufacturing Crimes Lawyer in Arizona

Being charged with manufacturing crimes in Arizona is a predicament no one wants to be in. If you are already in such a situation, you need to employ the best lawyer there is that specializes in this type of offense.