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America’s Marijuana Laws: A Tangle of Contradictions

America is more divided than ever before, though there is one matter about which we all seem to agree: Marijuana laws have to be reform. States across the board seem to be ready and willing to legalize marijuana, or at

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Will Illegal Marijuana Possession Be a Thing of the Past?

In states like Arizona, prohibited marijuana possession is at an all-time high (no pun intended). With the latest win of pot legalization in states just like Colorado, progressives are more bothered than before with the distinct political gridlock in Washington

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Is Legalized Pot Possession Infringing on Rights by Churning Stomachs?

Since Washington State authorized recreational marijuana sales and pot assets in the passing of Initiative 502, some individuals have been actually making a complaint– but not pertaining to what you ‘d think. It appears that neighbors of marijuana tobacco smokers

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