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The Drug Lawyer Handbook: The Suppression Hearing

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Any drug lawyer worthy of his/her pay understands that the Fourth Amendment is the fundamental concern in any interstate drug stop case. That means the government has to show that the evidence gained from every aspect of the traffic stop–


Tips to Find the Right Arizona Drug Attorney

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Have you been recently arrested on suspicion of possessing or selling prohibited narcotics and you need to get an efficient Arizona drug attorney? If you have previously hired a criminal attorney, you need not hire them again– you need to


Is Legalized Pot Possession Infringing on Rights by Churning Stomachs?

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Since Washington State authorized recreational marijuana sales and pot assets in the passing of Initiative 502, some individuals have been actually making a complaint– but not pertaining to what you ‘d think. It appears that neighbors of marijuana tobacco smokers


Marijuana Laws They Are a Changin’: Options for Those Convicted Before Decriminalization

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Marijuana laws have changed to the point where several drug offenses no longer bear the strong charges they once used to have. This implies that rather than being dealt with a potential jail term when caught with small quantities of


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